Franc Sever

Franc Sever

Bas kitara, bariton, berda

Member 1965 – 1988

He played several instruments in the ensemble. He was a virtuoso on double bass, baritone, berda, trombone and piano. He joined the Lojze Slak Ensemble as the youngest member when he was a law student in 1965. With his playing, he contributed to the quality of Slak's music and provided varied live performances with original musical contributions.

In 1988, he decided to pursue an independent career as a lawyer and stopped performing actively in the ensemble. Music remained his companion until the end, as he worked all the time in the City Wind Orchestra of Škofja Loka and occasionally collaborated with other renowned ensembles of folk music.


(January 31, 1948, Puštal near Škofja Loka - July 14, 2017, buried in Škofja Loka)