MIRNA PEČ: 2018, 2019

The day after the opening of the Lojze Slak and Tone Pavček Museum, on 20th  October 2018, the first Slak Music Festival was held in Mirna Peč, organized by the Society for Preservation of the Lojze Slak's Music. It took place at several locations, namely at the Tone Pavček primary school, at the already mentioned museum and in the sports hall at the primary school in Mirna Peč.

68 competitors entered the competition for the Lojze Slak Award, of which 61 soloists on the diatonic accordion in seven categories and seven chamber ensembles. The absolute winner of the competition and the winner of the grand prize, the Slak accordion model, was Tina Kalajžič from Ravne na Koroškem. Her mentor was Klemen Rošer from the Rošer Music School. Among chamber groups the competitors consisting of Rok Zupančič, Blaž Krivec, Blaž Femc, Nejc Bukovec, Milan Žnidaršič and Jernej Korbar received the most points from the jury.

The Slak Fair in Mirna Peč served with various production of accordions and folk costumes, beekeeping, accordionists and children's choir, an exhibition of photographs by Danilo Ivančič on the Lojze Slak Ensemble. Joe Valečič spoke about the importance of Slak's music in America. In front of Tone Pavček Elementary School, the performances of accordionists were enriched by Slak's fair with a presentation of Mirna Peč societies and local providers: PGD Mirna Peč with a display of old firefighting equipment, Mirna Peč Winegrowers Association, Tourist Association of Mirna Peč .

At the evening big concert, they revived the words of the Lojze Slak Ensemble in words and songs and walked through all the years of its creation. Performers: The Concert Ensemble of the Slak's Music with musical guests, Fantje s Praprotna, 100-member accordion orchestra, children's choir of Tone Pavček Elementary School, folklore group Sveti Štefan from Gorica near Slivnica, Children's Choir of Marjan Kozina Music School in Novo mesto and others, and all the event was led by Leopold Pungerčar and Slavko Podboj.