The hiking trail along the Slak's path is arranged in memory of the music virtuoso on the accordion from Dolenjska and the legend of folk music Lojze Slak, and every year it runs along the permanently marked Slak trail on Trška gora. Trška gora is one of the most famous Slovenian wine hills, where there are on its southern slope, the most vineyard cottages in the world and where they produce excellent cviček wine.

The organizer of the march is the Trška Gora Winegrowers' Association, whose member was also the legendary accordion virtuoso Lojze Slak. The length of the trail is more than eight kilometers (i.e. five miles), it can be walked in two hours and passes the vineyard cottage of the composer Marjan Kozina, the remains of the Bajnof castle, which was mentioned as a wine cellar almost 900 years ago, the famous pilgrimage church at the top of Trška Gora with 400 years old lindens.

The hike along the Slak's Trail begins with a cultural program of accordionists from Mirna Peč at the monument to Lojze Slak, the Kres Folklore Society and the Trška Gora folk singers. The path to the finish line also passes Slak's vineyard cottage and Krkin hram inn into the valley to the estate of the Grm Agricultural School.



The trail is 12 km (7,5 miles) long, it is undemanding and suitable for all age groups and also for families with small children. On the way we will be accompanied by the vehicle PGD Hmeljčič and KORK activists from Mirna Peč, who will take care of any possible blisters on the legs …

The entry fee is 12 EUR and is paid at the beginning of the trip. The price includes: occasional brooch and leaflet or map of the route, two hot snacks (at Hmeljčič and Mirna Peč), tasting of Mirna Peč wines or soft drinks in Hmeljčič, refreshments and snacks on the way and cultural program (Mirna Peč, Mali Kal, Hmeljčič, Šentjurij, Mirna Peč).

The hike takes place at your own risk, and participants are advised to follow the road traffic regulations.

The organizer of the march is the Mirna Peč Tourist Association with the support of the Municipality of Mirna Peč.

Group registrations are very welcome !!!

Participants with an accordion who are exempt from the entry fee are especially invited (they receive a voucher for a free meal and drink).

Venue: Mirna Peč - Mali Kal - Hmeljčič - Šentjurij - Mirna Peč

Contact: Tourist Society Mirna Peč - Jože Barbo: 041/754 024, Municipality Mirna Peč -; 07/39 36 100 or 051/331 658 (Ms. Mira)

You can also see the route of the trail on the website of the Mirna Peč Tourist Association.

The event is part of the project "Mirnopeški Slakov center", which is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, LAG DBK / CLLD.