The actors of the Šentvid theater premiered the theatrical musical play En godec nam gode - based on the book of the same name by the writer Ivan Sivec, the screenplay was written by Roman Končar and directed by Brane Kopač. The show featured 45 actors, most of them musicians.

The story of Lojze Slak begins in his early childhood, when little Lojzek timidly took his uncle's accordion in his arms for the first time. It continues with his youthful maturation, in which he began to get to know the wider world and people who significantly influenced his further musical path. A meeting with the legendary accordionist August Stanko and the then music producer on Radio Ljubljana, Vilko Ovsenik. The play shows how Lojze first met the singing group Fantje s praprotna and immediately felt that these were the “real guys” for his ensemble.

The tragic loss of the "singer of all singers" Jože Šifrar found a special place in the story. The actors on stage sang and played a live music.

"The purpose of staging Lojze Slak's musical path was to pay tribute to the late compatriot and giant of Slovenian music, a top virtuoso on the diatonic accordion, who left an indelible mark on the Slovenian music scene with his work," said the play's director Brane Kopač.

After the premiere, which took place on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, there were two more replays in February: 18th and 25th, and three performances in March: 4th, 8th and 11th, in the hall of Ljudski dom Šentvid near Ljubljana (Prušnikova 99).




The play with singing in honor of Lojze Slak is a modern merry-play from our places and our time, which was staged at the summer theater in Studenec near Domžale, where every year most visitors are attracted by home games. In July 2014, the original play Veselica v dolini tihi was christened. In the play, where features 80 actors, they used and adapted Lojze Slak's songs and compositions.

The play is a forgiving but distinct critique of individualism and egoism, which allow the spread of intrigue and empty promises, deceptions and corruption. It highlights the creative desire and drive of all those who do not give in to negative circumstances, their efforts and unity in action for the common good, and the belief that there are still people who are willing to overcome problems for the good of the community.

From the content of the play: The intellectual and artistic Baloh family went on a short vacation from Ljubljana to the countryside, where their father, opera singer Tone Baloh, spent his youth as a foster child. There, in the village of Dobje, they come across old acquaintances and local complications: to a little drunk journalist Štamprl, who "knows everything, but he doesn't care"... They met the innkeeper entrepreneur Jože, who would like to restore the mansion and in it arranged the casino, and to the efforts of local culturists, especially the two choirs. The whole play, which is resolved with a happy ending, is intertwined with folk humor, a subtle romantic story and many musical inserts.

The author of the modern merry-play is Roman Končar, who says that "the comedy is slightly topical, slightly nostalgic, and above all a great tribute to a friend, the late giant of Slovenian music Lojze Slak." The director of the play, Lojze Stražar, emphasized that this play belongs to this space and to this rural stage.