Lojze Slak Ensemble has released numerous music albums during its operation.

In the first decade of operation, the ensemble recorded 24 albums. The first music album was released by Radio Television Belgrade, the next eight albums were published by Jugoton Publishing House from Zagreb, from 1970 onwards the ensemble has been cooperting with Helidon Publishing House (Obzorja, Maribor).  From 1973 the Lojze Slak Ensemble recorded also music cassettes at RTV Ljubljana.

They recorded another 15 music albums in the second decade. They were also invited to participate by the WM music publishing house from Innsbruck, where they recorded two albums in German version and have been guests on Austrian television in its music show Musikantenstadl.


In the third decade, the ensemble released ten albums, among them a jubilee one, entitled 30 diamantnih  (30 Diamond's Songs). In 1988, the first video cassette of the Lojze Slak Ensemble was released, and the following year a video cassette entitled The 25th Anniversary of the Lojze Slak Ensemble. A newspaper Dolenjski list has once wrote: "If all the sold records were stacked in a row, it would stretch from Novo mesto to Hvar or in a line of 300 km". (Dolenjski list 1986).

Between 1994 and 2004, the Lojze Slak Ensemble recorded nine albums, the last one on the occasion of its high anniversary entitled Jubilejna (The Jubilee One). This decade was highly marked by the author's music event of Lojze Slak and his colleagues Boš videl, kaj dela Dolen'c! (You will see what Dolenc is doing!). Slak's music look for motives among folk customs and habits, which was completely different in content from comparable national entertainment events in Slovenia.


Št. Naslov Dolžina Poslušaj
1 Ceperle 2:17
2 Čebelar 3:33
3 Ej prijatelj 2:26
4 Kadar srečam te 2:36
5 Po dekle 2:21
6 Postonjska jama 2:52
7 Mama, prihajam domov 3:40
8 Spomini stare Ljubljane 3:06
9 Svatje že vriskajo 2:30
10 Srečno mlada Slovenija 3:16
11 To smo mi prijatelji 2:45
12 V dolini tihi 2:51
13 Vaški zvon 3:43
14 Visoko nad oblaki 3:21