Lojze Slak, a musician of all musicians, who took the Slovenian language into the world with his accordion and brought joy to almost every Slovenian village, was the main reason why his musical friends and fans gathered in Ljubljana's Stožice for a concert in honor of his character and part.

The legendary Slovenian accordionist, author of most of the songs of the Lojze Slak Ensemble and leader of the ensemble, would celebrate his 80th birthday in 2012 and only those closest to him knew that Slak wanted to hold a big concert event for that day, but fate wanted otherwise. "We talked a lot about how we could celebrate his high age of life - the 80th anniversary - and 50 years of performing. After the concert that we planned to do with him, we would only perform occasionally at an event. But there wouldn't be as many performances as there used to be, "Janez Hvale, a member of Slak's last band, told MMC.

The energy that Slak created with his music was brought to Ljubljana's Stožice by all those who remained to carry his rich heritage among the people. The audience was joined by the slogan: "Your songs live on." The hall greeted the singing group Fantje s Praprotna and the Slak Trio with loud applause and started the evening, where the folk musicians become a heavenly musicians (if we borrow the words of the host of the evening Jure Ivanušič).

To the singing group from Praprotno and Modrijan ensemble there were alternately joined on stage by other masters of bellows. Among them were Andrej Svetlin, Matija Slak, Tine Lesjak, Brane Klavžar and Peter Fink. "If Lojze were still alive, it would be even better. Unfortunately, he is not..." commented the celebration his brother Matija, who was the main star of the evening.

Thanks to Matija and other accordionists, Slak's greatest hits came to life again in one evening.  Albeit this time accompanied by a large poster image that stretched across the stage, with a series of Slak's accordions and the indispensable bindweed, winding above the stage construction.

Actress Saša Pavček and her professional colleague Boris Ostan also left their mark in the hall by reciting a song by Slak's compatriot in the childhood of Tone Pavček. These were complemented by Slak's melodies performed by symphonists, thus reviving the spirit of the musician of all musicians. "I'm sure he was with us and in the end he would said, 'Well, you did well!", was convinced Janez Hvale.




On the occasion of the high jubilee, 50 years of Lojze Slak's music, many Slovenian musicians with their musical repertoire remembered the late Lojze Slak and the member of the Ensemble of Lojze Slak and the group of Fantje s Praprotna - Tone Štritof.

The legend and Slovenian national hero, as the poet Tone Pavček named Lojze Slak, was active in all fields related to music. Together with Janez Pavlin and Slavko Podboj, he organized the event Boš videl, kaj dela Dolen'c!, which has been well attended since its inception in 1992. Lojze Slak has connected Slovenian regions and various genres of music at this event.

In memory of musician from Dolenjska and recently deceased member of the singing group fantje s Praprotna - Tone Štritof, there was also an event on November 22, 2014 at the Krka Tennis Center in Otočec, where, in addition to the legendary Fantje s Praprotna group, featured several successful folk music groups such as The Ensemble Pogum, Mladi Dolenjci, Novi spomini, The Peter Fink Ensemble, Nemir, Čuki, The Ensemble Igor and the Golden Sounds, Rubin, Vrisk, Spev, Veseli Dolenjci, the young accordionists of the music school Toni Sotošek and Jože Bohorč.

For connecting the events,  sketches and laughter in the hall took care the most famous "mother" in Dolenjska, Mama Manka, popular presenter Silvester Polak, comedians Brajdimir and Krjavelj, Luka Bregar, Slavko Podboj, Leopold Pungerčar and other merry company.